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The Queensland Energy and Jobs Plan, launched in September 2022, outlines how Queensland’s energy system will transform to deliver clean, reliable and affordable energy to provide power for generations.

We have world-class solar and wind, the ideal geography for large-scale pumped hydro, and the critical minerals below the ground to make the renewable energy technologies needed to decarbonise.

The plan is for every Queenslander, our industries and our economy, leveraging the state’s natural advantages to:

  • build a clean and competitive energy system for the economy and industries as a platform for accelerating growth
  • deliver affordable energy for households and business, and support more rooftop solar and batteries
  • drive better outcomes for workers and communities as partners in the energy transformation.

It sets out actions that will:

  • provide confidence to investors and capital markets
  • deliver clean, reliable and affordable energy to households and businesses
  • give certainty and deliver better outcomes to our workers and communities
  • unlock opportunities for industry and more investment.

27% of Queensland’s energy supply is from renewables, with a third of the state’s households generating electricity on their rooftop. We are powering towards 50% renewable energy by 2030, 70% by 2032 and 80% by 2035.

To learn more about the plan, including what we’ve achieved since it was released, view our resources.